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TMNT Pizza Box Design by Scott Derby / Tumblr / Facebook

Those headed to SDCC tomorrow, July 24th 2014, can get themselves a free slice of pizza in a rad Scott Derby designed pizza box by following @tmntmovie on twitter and tweet using .

Upon receipt back of a unique redemption code via DM, head to the con’s “Interactive Zone” between 11am & 7pm to claim your free slice

Aug 8th


These Intense, Geometric GIFs Are A Psychedelic Treat

Mix one part Lisa Frank, three parts cyberpunk, put it in a Portuguese shaker and what do you get? This magnificent GIFwork from FalcaoLucas, a team of designers and visual mavens from Portugal. I’m adding these guys to my tentative list of “People Who Will Be Kicking A Lot Of Ass In Future”.

Source: FalcaoLucas